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For us, a project is only considered completed when your users enjoy using our products and you are proud and proud to present your online channel. Contact us, lean back and enjoy Austrian quality.

Why is webhead Enterprise the right solution?

Whether on-site with you or in our office, our understanding of your business is important, because this is the only way we can deliver the product that you have in mind. We analyze all processes with you and develop a concept for you in the next step.

After we have understood your business, our senior developers will work with our account managers to consider your concept and design a tailor-made solution for your company. Based on the first moqups, we will then present the concept to you.

Next, the concept will be discussed with you and presented, after we have discussed all changes with you in detail, we will move on to the design.

We are now starting with the design phase and considering a simple and professional user interface for your software. Every single page, every function, the entire project is now transformed into a design, with the focus on your corporate design.

At the same time, decisions about the programming language and the like are already being made until developments actually begin.
Even if you don’t really see these developments, these are the most important. You can’t really see anything, but all processes run in the background of the software and ensure that we can implement our ideas. The whole thing is visualized in the next process.

Based on the designs given by the designer, all ideas are implemented in software. This is where the prefabricated design is implemented into the software that will be the user interface of your company processes in the future. The end of the project is slowly approaching.

We implement the first version of our software and analyze all points together with you. Of course, there are some change requests that we process and implement in detail together with you. If everything fits in the beta, we move on to the launch of your software. In parallel to the existing business processes, the software is actually used in the company and simplifies things for you.

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