Software development - from the idea to planning

Many companies are interested in software solutions, but want more than an “off-the-shelf application”. At Webhead we do professional software design and development in Vienna and are specialized in custom software development. We have already developed and designed a variety of systems and are looking forward to supporting you with your software. We analyse your individual requirements and develop a software solution tailored to your needs. The first step for us is always a detailed initial consultation. During this, we try to discuss your wishes, goals and requirements by asking specific questions.

We conceptualize your vision and enter the planning phase. Of course, we advise you on the existing technology and the processes that make up a successful software development. During the planning phase, we rely on close cooperation with our customers. Together we consider a sitemap and navigation-friendly structure. How should the software be structured? Which functions should it fulfil? Is the focus on functionality, design or both? As soon as all these questions have been answered and you are satisfied with the plan, our team will start with the technical development and implementation of your software. You bring us the idea, we realize them!

The last steps - development and completion

Our software developers will try to implement the previously created plans as quickly as possible and present you with a first demo version. Before doing so, they make sure that the software is free of bugs and other problems that might occur. This point is very important in software development to create a smoothly functioning product. We are happy to give our customers time to familiarize themselves with the trial version, so that they can get a first impression and get a better idea of how the finished product could look like. If at this point there are still open wishes, discrepancies occur or add-ons are desired, this is the perfect time for your feedback. We consider all points of criticism and revise the software.

To make sure, that the product meets your requirements one hundred percent, we improve the software until you are uncompromisingly satisfied with the product. If you give us the green light after the last revised demo version and feel like the project is complete, our team can start deploying your new software solution. It’s as simple as that – your customized software development is now finished and ready to use!

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