Everything under control with the ERP system

In our fast-paced, digital world, it is particularly important to make optimal use of working hours. The competition never sleeps and only those who have their data firmly under control can achieve the best possible profit. When it comes to staying at the forefront, Webhead Enterprise is your ideal partner. With us you get everything from advice, planning, execution and support from a single source, at a fair price.

ERP - simplifies your business processes

The web-based ERP system supports you in planning and control tasks in your management and helps you to keep track of the existing resources and business processes. The speed with which information is provided plays a major role in competitiveness. This can only be achieved with intelligent software and powerful hardware.

What is an ERP system?

ERP system is the abbreviation for “Entreprise Resource Planning System” and, due to the ability to map a company in its entirety, it is no longer possible to imagine management practice without it. It is about the control of the existing resources in the company, for example capital, means of production and employees.

This ERP system or company resource planning stands for the organization of all administrative, arranging and controlling activities in a company.

The goal of the ERP system

  • Improvement of the organizational processes and structures
  • Rapid adaptation to company and market changes
  • Optimization of all business processes

ERP system - advantages in management

  • With the ERP it is possible for the management to design, influence and optimally manage the resources in individual areas of the company.
  • ERP systems as integrated programs are based on central data management – this means that information flows within a business process can be mapped, supported, optimized and documented.
  • As managing director, you can call up all information about internal operating systems and important resources and intervene to correct and control.
  • If necessary, you as a manager can take suitable countermeasures at an early stage and re-regulate and realign individual departments, corporate divisions or the entire company.

Areas of the ERP system

The ERP system is integrative and depicts the company as a whole. This includes the cross-divisional basic functions, the specialist departments and functional areas.

Business processes that are subject-specific:

  • sales
  • Trunk management
  • Production or production planning
  • Materials management & needs assessment (procurement, warehousing)
  • Research & Development
  • CRM – Customer Relationship Management

Cross-sectional functions

  • human Resource
  • Controlling
  • Finance & accounting with bookkeeping
  • Payroll
Your advantages at a glance
The software with Internet access can be called up as a browser application from Webhead Enterprise anywhere and at any time. ERP works equally well on the computer, tablet or smartphone.
The modular structure makes it easy to combine different functions of the system with one another as required. Special modules that are individually programmed can also be combined with other functions.
Depending on how many modules you choose, the costs arise in the system. You only pay for the functions you need and all costs can be seen at a glance.
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